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    In Dharwad district there are five Talluk Social Welfare Offices are operative through which along with the implementaion of many other schemes there are 21 hostels are working properly for the betterment and upliftment of SC and ST candidates.

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    • Pre-matric, kalyanagar
    • Pre-matric, Alnavara TQ:Dharwad
    • Pre-matric, Saidapura Dharwad
    • SC Post-matric, saptapura No.1 Dharwad
    • SC Post-matric, Saidapura Dharwad
    • SC Post-matric, saptapura No.2 Dharwad
  • » HUBLI
    • Pre-matric Girls Hostel, Unakal, Hubli
    • Pre-matric Boys Hostel, Koliwad
    • Post-matric Boys BC Hostel, Hubli
    • Post-matric Professional Boys Hostel, Hubli
    • ST Post-matric Boys Hostel, Hubli
    • Post-matric Girls Hostel, Hubli
    • Pre-matric Boys Hostel Navalagund
    • Pre-matric Girls Hostel Navalagund
    • Pre-matric Boys Hostel Javoor Tq: Navalgund
    • Pre-matric Girls Hostel, Kalaghatagi
    • Pre-matric Girls Hostel, Mishrikoti
    • Pre-matric Boys Hostel, Kalaghatagi
    • Pre-matric Boys Hostel, Surashttikoppa
    • Pre-matric Boys Hostel, Dummawad
    • Pre-matric, Boys Hostel Kundgol

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  • Special Component Plan
  • Honb'le Minister Work Approval Login
  • Tribal Research Institute, Mysore
  • Ambedkar Research Institute, Bangalore
  • Acts, Rules, GOs and Circulars